DCS provides an opportunity for you, or someone close to you, to explore problems or concerns with an independent professional counsellor.

DCS counsellors are trained to listen in a totally objective, impartial way with complete professionalism and confidentiality. We aim to provide a setting where you are free to talk safely without fear of rejection, criticism or blame.

Together we’ll look at how past experience and current behaviour may be linked and allow you the space to explore your thoughts and feelings about yourself, look at how you relate to others and find your own answers.

As a result you can improve your self esteem and relationships with others, get more out of life, approach issues in a more objective manner, cope better and generally look forward to your future in a far more positive way.

How We Can Help

Counselling is a proven treatment for:

Counselling is also one of the most effective forms of treatment for drug and alcohol misuse – in terms of both cost and results. In most cases, clients can remain at work while dealing positively with their problems.


Our 1 hour initial consultation provides an opportunity for you to talk with an experienced therapist about your needs and expectations and help agree the best way forward.

Your Sessions

If appropriate, you will be offered a series of 6 to 12 weekly sessions – or a long term solution if necessary – at our Chelmsford counselling rooms. Alternative arrangements can be made if a home visit is required. Sessions are of 50 minutes duration and progress is regularly reviewed.

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