Talking therapies can help

  • This will involve you exploring the reasons behind your drug use.
  • Focus on what you can do to resist drug taking.
  • Setting of positive achievable goals.
  • Motivational work to visualise the future you want for yourself.
  • Working to prevent relapses.
  • Help with anxiety / over-thinking / depression.


Cocaine is a stimulant drug which is a highly addictive illegal substance that has become a popular choice, particularly in recent years. Cocaine can:

  • Increase blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature.
  • Increase the risk of angina.
  • Increase the risk of heart attacks or strokes.
  • Change the brain chemistry making cravings difficult to resist.
  • Encourage the user to engage in risky sexual behaviour.
  • Lead to tolerance developing so the user needs more cocaine to create the same effect.
  • Lead to feelings of paranoia and anxiety.


You may have realised by now that you are no longer in control of your drug use and it’s causing you problems:

  • Lack of money or general anxiety about the money you are spending each week.
  • Broken or breaking relationships.
  • Difficulties at work or college or uni or problems with concentration and focus.
  • Hiding away from friends and family after nights out using.
  • Recognising that you are taking longer each week to recover from the ‘come downs’.
  • Recognising that low moods or mood swings and feelings of anxiety and paranoia are with you for most of the week as is difficulty with sleeping.

This is all about you and helping you get back on track and living your life in a new and more positive way.